Not long ago, I spoke at an evangelical church in the Texas Panhandle. After the first evening, a mother came up to visit with me. Her husband “came out” as a homosexual, deserted her and their nine-year-old daughter, and was still claiming to be a Christian.

Her question to me was how to bear witness to her daughter about whether her father’s claim to be a Christian is compatible with his open pursuit of homosexual immorality. That question strikes at the heart and the essence of the Christian faith.

And it is a question, with many others like it, that almost every Christian in the post-Christian West will have to answer.

Is the faith once for all delivered to the saints compatible with the sexual revolution? How a wayward father answers that question will determine whether he will choose to be faithful to his marriage covenant or abandon it to pursue the expression of his sexual identity. It will also determine how a broken-hearted mother explains to her daughter that her father is no longer walking with Jesus anymore. In short, how one answers these questions reveal if one will continue to be in any meaningful sense a Christian.

This conflict is the defining issue of our generation as evangelical Christians. And our challenge as Christians, who are in the midst of this, is to provide a faithful and loving witness for Christ to many who are struggling to find answers. There is much confusion both in the pulpits and pews of our churches on these issues.

We are in desperate need of a new declaration of biblical conviction. This is the need of our time, and it is our belief that CBMW must expand its purpose to meet that challenge.

-Denny Burk | CBMW President